In the News


May 2017 - Guernica Magazine

"Sara Erenthal: Salvage Sketching"


April 2017 - artnet

"Editors’ Picks: 10 Things to See in New York This Week"


April 2017 - BKLYNER

"Sara Erenthal: Keep On Moving On"


April 2017 - artnet

"Proclaiming ‘Resistance Is Female,’ Guerrilla Artists Commandeer NYC’s Phone Booths"


March 2017 - Gothamist

"NYC Phone Booths Are Being Transformed Into Feminist Guerrilla Art With 'Resistance Is Female'"


March 2017 - BRIC TV

"Street Artist Sara Erenthal Leaves Her Mark on Brooklyn" | BK Made


March 2017 -



February 2017 - It's Okay To Go

"No Air Guitar On The Sabbath"


January 2017 - Street Art NYC

"Sara Erenthal Gives New Life to Discarded Objects on Park Slope Streets"


November 2016 -

"Mit ihrer Straßenkunst rettet Sara Erenthal Müll vor der Entsorgung und schließt mit einer schwierigen Vergangenheit ab"


August 2016 - BKLYNER 

"From Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect To Street Artist: Sara Erenthal Shows Her ‘Three Selves’"


 April 2016 - RADIO-CANADA 

"Les âmes perdues du hassidisme" 


January 2016 - Village Voice 

"This Brooklyn-Based Artist Got Her Start as an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schoolgirl From Borough Park" 


December 2015 - Street Art NYC 

"Brooklyn-Based Sara Erenthal on her Public Artworks, Self-Portraits, Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Upbringing and more"


December 2015 - Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Crown Heights art gallery FiveMyles rescues sidewalk with art"  


August 2015 - VICE 

"Sara Erenthal's Journey From Ultra-Orthodox Jew to Nude Model and Artist" 


March 2015 - UTMOST

"Passion Before Faith: An Artist Finds Her Truth" 


October 2014 - The New York Times

"Stepping Off the Path and Redefining Faith"  


October 2014 -  YIDDISH FORVERTS

ײַ!: פֿון נטורי־קרתּא ביז מאָדערנער קונסט" 


October 2014 - The Times Of Israel

"A portrait of an ex-Neturei Karta member as a young woman"


September 2014 - The Jewish Week 

"Breaking Away, Looking Back"  


September 2014 - JEWCY

"Artist Sara Erenthal Reflects on Her Ultra-Orthodox Upbringing, And Life Beyond" 


September 2014 - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 

"Artist’s Brooklyn show describes ultra-orthodox Jewish childhood" 


September 2014 - Forward 

"Sara Erenthal Turns Her Unhappy Ultra-Orthodox Childhood Into Art"


May 2013 - The Jewish Week

"From Williamsburg To Bushwick"