Sara Erenthal is a Brooklyn-based, multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on themes of displacement, survival, and liberation. Born into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family, she left home at 17 to avoid an arranged marriage and has spent the next two decades creating art and traveling the world. She works across mediums such as painting, sculpting, and performance, often integrating everyday materials into her process. When not in her studio, Erenthal can be found working on the streets, reinventing discarded objects and painting provocative portraits. Within the past few years, Sara’s murals have surfaced in a range of local, national and international street art festivals, including the renowned Montreal Mural Festival. Most recently, she facilitated a community arts project in Guatemala and was invited to paint in El Salvador’s surf haven, El Tunco Beach. Erenthal's work has also been presented in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Monteal and Tel Aviv. Her work has been reviewed and profiled in The New York Times, Vice, The Village Voice, Haaretz,and Artnet among others.

Image credit: Janna Akimova